Last Update: 4 Jan 2022.

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4.2 Wash bays

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Abattoir biosecurity

4.2.1 The charter participant shall have sufficient number and size of wash bays to allow effective cleansing and disinfection of all vehicles at peak periods, without excessive delay and prior to the vehicles leaving site.

4.2.2 Bay(s) may be ‘drive-through’ but where this is not possible, the site shall provide clear SOP`s to ensure that the area immediately in front of the bay is cleansed and disinfected before vehicles are driven out. 

4.2.3 The floor of the bay shall be hard standing, well maintained and slope away from the vehicle so that washout water free-flows away from the tailboard and wheels towards the drain. 

4.2.4 Sufficient lighting shall be provided to ensure that each wash bay, including the interior and exterior of the vehicle, is adequately lit so that effective cleansing, disinfection and inspection can be carried out regardless of the time of day/night.


The participant shall have considered the different types and sizes of vehicles used to deliver livestock. Regarding 4.2.4 (lighting) It is not the intention to prescribe the minimum lux level. The HSE recommends 20 lux for outdoor work involving movement of lorries, however it is expected that the site shall have taken into consideration the design, location, and time of operation of the vehicle wash facilities as this shall vary from site to site.


4.2.1 Visual inspection of area. Verify by cross checking examples of delivery vehicle types against the risk assessment study. The check shall include the length of vehicle against actual length of bay. Bays shall be appropriate in length to type of vehicle. Look for evidence of excessive back log of vehicles waiting to be cleansed (max 1hr delay as a guide).

  • For bays that are not ‘drive through’, verification may be sought from:
  • visual inspection of bay area
  • copy of work instructions
  • discussion with livestock vehicle driver

4.2.3 Visual inspection of floor area within the bay area. Verify the direction of the flow of water within the bay drainage area.

 4.2.4 Verification of location, number of lighting units and operation of lighting provided. The auditor shall review supporting evidence within the checklist e.g. checking the number of lighting units and verification that all the light units in the wash bay area are working.