Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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4.5 Standard operating procedure (SOP) for cleaning

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Abattoir biosecurity

4.5.1 The site shall have a documented standard operating procedure (SOP) for the cleansing and disinfection of livestock vehicles. 

4.5.2 The SOP shall have, as a minimum, five distinct stages of cleansing:

  • dry removal of all solid manure including straw or shavings
  • detergent soaking stage
  • wash stage using pressurised clean water
  • application of disinfectant to all cleaned, drained surfaces
  • inspection

In addition, the following shall be clearly stated:

  • methodology of cleansing to include disinfection
  • frequency of cleansing
  • cleaning chemicals to use
  • dilution rates
  • contact times
  • safe use and storage of cleaning chemical

4.5.3 Detergent and disinfectant shall be applied in methodical and overlapping horizontal or vertical sweeps to ensure that all surface areas are covered. Detergent shall be applied using a foaming lance and allowed at least 10 minutes contact time to be effective

4.5.4 The SOP shall detail the staff duties and responsibilities for the maintenance and cleanliness of facilities. 

4.5.5 To cover for staff leave, the site shall have a minimum of two named contacts with responsibility for the maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicle wash facilities. The names and contact details of the nominated individuals carrying out this task shall be displayed at the washout facilities. The named staff shall demonstrate competence aligned to their responsibilities.

4.5.6 The SOP shall be reviewed and updated at least annually.

4.5.7 The standard operating procedure for effective use of the vehicle wash and the cleansing and disinfecting of the vehicle shall be communicated to livestock vehicle drivers at the wash bay.

4.5.8 Operating procedures for the use of detergents and disinfectants (including the PPE to be worn) shall be clear, unambiguous, and displayed in an accessible position at the wash bay.


See Appendix 1 of this module for guidance on auditing technique which refers to the recommended wash process in the ‘Effective Cleansing of Livestock Vehicles’ report, on page 17 and for audit point locations, refer to Appendix (i) of the report on page 19.


Copy of SOP for cleansing and disinfection of livestock vehicles. Verification of methodology aligned to clause 4.5.3. Visibility of named personnel displayed in washout facilities and demonstration of competency. Evidence of last review date of SOP and amends.

Displayed copy of SOP and verification of livestock vehicle driver’s awareness of SOP and inspect the standard of vehicle cleansing and disinfection.