Last Update: 20 Mar 2024.

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4.4 Cleansing and disinfection facilities

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Abattoir biosecurity

4.4.1 The cleansing and disinfection facilities shall be clearly identified, appropriate for their intended use and, where there is more than one, be specific to each wash bay.

4.4.2 Adequate storage facilities shall be provided for cleaning equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and chemicals.

4.4.3 Adequate equipment and (PPE) shall be provided, be appropriate for its intended use and be well maintained for each vehicle wash bay. 

4.4.4 A list of equipment and PPE provided shall be readily available to livestock vehicle drivers. 

4.4.5 The hose reels, pressure washers and disinfectant facilities shall be protected from temperature extremes to ensure effective wash-down operations can continue throughout winter weather.

4.4.6 Sites and livestock vehicle drivers shall comply with current health and safety legislation.

4.4.7 DEFRA approved disinfectants shall be supplied by the site at the vehicle wash facilities.

4.4.8 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) data shall be held by the site for the chemicals provided. 

4.4.9 The disinfectant and detergents shall be diluted and utilised in full accordance with SOP`s and the manufacturer’s instructions. 

4.4.10 In compliance with current health and safety legislation chemical shall be securely stored to prevent unauthorised access or cross contamination with food, raw materials and packaging.


The cleansing and disinfection facilities shall be readily identified by colour, design or signage.

Copy of cleaning manual and availability to livestock drivers, list of equipment and PPE. Verification of condition of equipment and personal protective equipment and storage facilities for hose reels etc. 

The site shall have taken into consideration the following: 

  • appropriateness of the system for the application of the cleaning chemicals during the cleaning operation
  • how the cleaning chemicals are to be supplied to the wash facilities safely (where the chemicals are to be dispensed)
  • storage facilities when cleaning chemicals are not in use
  • the site shall have developed appropriate work instructions for the dilution of chemicals. Work instructions shall be readily available 

A list of DEFRA approved detergents and sanitisers shall be reviewed and this should list the chemicals in use However, it should be noted that DEFRA frequently update the list, so it is possible for a chemical to be on the list at the time of purchase to be then removed at a later stage whilst the chemical is still in use at the site. In such circumstances if the site can prove the chemical was on the list at the time of purchase and that arrangements are in place to move to a chemical on the updated approved list at the next re-order point then this would be viewed as being compliant to the charter requirements.


Verification shall be sought for the following:

  • evidence of training that includes health & safety legislation (where appropriate)
  • detergents and disinfectants are supplied to the wash facilities in accordance with legislation 
  • availability of up to date COSHH data sheets covering the scope of cleaning chemicals manufacturer’s recommendations in relation to dilution rates aligned to legislation.
  • correct storage of chemicals