Last Update: 21 Dec 2021.

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2.3 Use of the Red Tractor logo

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Participation in the BMPA Quality Pork Charter

2.3.1 Only products listed on the Charter participants’ BMPA Quality Pork Charter certificate of conformity shall be recognised as being compliant to the BMPA Quality Pork Charter requirements and may therefore display the appropriate Red Tractor logo on pack. It is the responsibility of the Certification Body to ensure that the information supplied by the Charter participant meets the requirements of the BMPA Charter. The signing off for new products will not be carried out at the participating site on the day of an audit. 


2.3.2 Charter participants who choose to display the Red Tractor logo on their packaging shall be registered for a licence through Red Tractor Assurance prior to applying the logo and where the logo is applied to any new products the licence shall be updated accordingly.