Last Update: 21 Dec 2021.

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7.1 Timing and reporting of audits and checks

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Surveillance audits and spot checks

7.1.1 Participation in the BMPA Quality Pork Charter shall be subject to the successful completion of an initial approval audit, annual announced surveillance audit, unannounced surveillance audit and where deemed necessary, spot check audits (either announced or unannounced) if requested by the BMPA PTAC. 

Where a site’s scope covers more than one BMPA pork module, e.g., bacon and ham, both surveillance audits may be undertaken at the same site inspection. However, depending on the scope of the processes involved it may necessitate the audit program continuing into a second day. 

7.1.2 The service provider shall arrange for the annual BMPA surveillance audit to coincide with the annual BRC GFS audit. An exception to this may apply where the BRC GFS is undertaken by a different service provider or when the surveillance audit is unannounced. Where the service provider is responsible for the BRC GFS audit and the BMPA Charter audit, the service provider shall arrange for the unannounced surveillance audit to be conducted at the time of the BRC GFS unannounced visit. 

7.1.3 A letter confirming the date of audit, approximate time and scope of the audit shall be sent to the site for all announced audits at least 5 working days before the audit date

All Charter participants shall make themselves available for audit and this shall take place within one month of the date that the service provider was contacted by the Charter participant. Failure to do so may result in the Charter participant being suspended. If the Charter participant has difficulty agreeing an audit date with the auditor, then the participant shall contact the service provider to explain and resolve the issue. Continued failure to gain access to the site shall be brought to the attention of the BMPA Technical Policy Manager by the service provider with an explanation of the circumstances that have prevented site access. 

If access to site for an unannounced surveillance audit is not possible, the Charter participant shall be liable for the cost of both the cancelled and re-scheduled audit.

7.1 4 A surveillance audit report comprised of a copy of the completed audit checklist, conformance summary report, traceability and mass balance report shall be sent by the service provider to the Charter participant with the confirmation of certification status.