Last Update: 6 Jan 2022.

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2.4 Temperature during transport

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Quality Assured Pork Sausages / Sourcing and receiving raw materials

2.4.1 Where temperature sensitive raw materials are being delivered, the doors of the delivery vehicle shall remain closed up to the point when the raw material temperature is being checked.

2.4.2 During transportation and on arrival at the receiving site the temperature of the chilled pork or bacon raw material shall not fall outside of the range of -2°C to+5°C and brought into the preparation room progressively as needed.

2.4.3 Unless bacon is received in a tempered form ready for slicing (typically -8°C), 

the target temperature of frozen pork or bacon raw material shall be -18°C or less during transport and it shall not exceed -12°C at intake.

2.4.4 Dehydrated rind and salt preserved natural casings shall be delivered in the conditions stated in the raw material specifications held by the site.


Verification is normally undertaken whilst the product is on the delivery vehicle and at different points within the storage unit of the transporter. Further verification may be sought by checking the temperature recording instrument of the vehicle.


Examples of completed raw material inspection records, temperature records, and raw material specification for handling/storage conditions for dehydrated rind and natural casings.