Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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2.3 Temperature during transport

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Quality Assured Pork / Sourcing and receiving raw materials

2.3.1 During transportation and on arrival at the receiving site the temperature of the chilled pork raw material shall not fall outside of the range of -2°C to +5°C. 

2.3.2 The target temperature of frozen pork raw material shall be -18°C or less during transport and it shall not exceed -12°C at intake.


Verification is invariably undertaken whilst the product is on the delivery vehicle and at different points within the storage unit of the transporter. Whether a ‘between pack’ or ‘product core’ temperature is recorded this shall be determined by the product type, e.g. unwrapped, overwrapped or packed. 

The site need to ensure compliance with FSA guidance on “use by” and “best before” coding and the safety and shelf-life of vacuum and modified atmosphere packed chilled foods and raw materials with respect to the control of non-proteolytic C. Botulinum

Further verification may be sought by checking the temperature recording instrument of the vehicle.


Examples of intake records since the last audit.