Last Update: 6 Jan 2022.

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3.1 Temperature during storage

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Quality Assured Pork Sausages / Temperature control and storage

3.1.1 The storage area shall, under maximum load, maintain product temperatures within specification

3.1.2 The temperature of other perishable raw materials e.g. vegetables, herbs etc shall be maintained at the storage temperature stated in their raw material specifications

3.1.3 The temperature of chilled meat based raw materials e.g. pork, fat and bacon etc shall be maintained at -2°C to +5°C. 

3.1.4 Unless bacon is received in a tempered form ready for slicing (typically -8°C), the target temperature of frozen pork or bacon raw material shall be -18°C or less during transport and it shall not exceed -12°C at intake.

3.1.5 The temperature of the frozen pork raw material during storage shall be -18°C or colder.

3.1.6 Dehydrated rind and salt preserved natural casings shall be stored in the conditions stated within the raw material specifications held by the site.


The storage area may be equipped with auto door closure, air or strip curtains to minimise ingress of warm air during stock transfers.

Dependent on the process e.g. cold storage or tempering the refrigeration temperature may be set to a target temperature to allow for temperature fluctuations caused by defrost cycles, doors opening during stock transfer etc. 

It may be acceptable for the air temperatures to be exceeded for short periods during defrost cycles/stock transfer etc. providing the product temperature remains within specification.


Examples of temperature control records since the last audit.