Last Update: 10 Jan 2022.

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6.1 Standard operating procedure (SOP) for slaughter

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Pig Slaughter

6.1.1 SOP`s shall be in place that cover the full scope of the stunning and slaughter process including, where relevant, species segregation – staff training records shall be available to demonstrate task competency (certs of competency), welfare awareness, and the actions to be taken should welfare be compromised. Refer to note 1.3 in Appendix 2 of this module for useful publications that provide guidance on humane killing and captive-bolt stunning.

6.1.2 Shackling operatives shall assess pigs for the effectiveness of the stun – it is expected that this shall incorporate an unrecorded check for rhythmic breathing and corneal reflex.

6.1.3 An AWO shall carry out a daily recorded check to demonstrate the effectiveness of the stun. 

6.1.4 Re-stuns shall be undertaken as necessary and documented records maintained for each incident.

6.1.5 If it is found that animals are not being effectively stunned, the slaughter line shall be stopped immediately, root cause established, and remedial action taken. All incidents and resulting actions shall be documented.

6.1.6 The AWO shall be responsible for reviewing and identifying trends relating to animal welfare on site and have the appropriate authority to take appropriate action to resolve any concerns that are raised.


Visual inspection. Copy of SOP. Examples of records for re-stuns since the last audit. Evidence of trends and action taken where appropriate.