Last Update: 9 Dec 2021.

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2.1 Sourcing, traceability and proving assurance

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Bacon & Gammon / Sourcing and receiving raw materials

2.1.1 Pork raw material to be used in the manufacture of BMPA Quality Assured Bacon shall be sourced from supplying sites that are certified against the BMPA Quality Assured Pork module (BQAP). Refer to the Charter Rules.

2.1.2 To maintain traceability all pork raw material purchased by the Charter participant shall be accompanied by clearly marked delivery documentation and labelling which confirms its assured status and country of birth, rearing and slaughter or statement of pigs’ origin. Where pigs are born, reared and slaughtered in one country, a single statement of origin is sufficient for the traceability declaration.


The site shall hold copies of all assured pork suppliers’ BMPA Quality Pork Charter certification.

It is not sufficient for a single header/logo to be the sole indicator of assured status on the delivery document. Where there is doubt regarding the status of the supply chain, verification shall be sought. 


Copies of suppliers’ certificates of conformity against the BMPA pork module shall be held by the site and these shall be valid for the period under review. For each consignment of BQAP material delivered there shall be a warranty that clearly confirms the materials’ assured status and origin information of the pork.