Last Update: 6 Jan 2022.

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2.1 Sourcing, traceability and proving assurance

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Quality Assured Pork Sausages / Sourcing and receiving raw materials

2.1.1 With the exception of natural casings, pork raw material, including dehydrated rind, shall be certified as BQAP and sourced from suppliers who are accredited against BMPA Quality Pork Charter Module 2 (BQAP) – natural casings are excluded from this requirement.” Also sow raw material shall not be used for BQAP unless it is intended for the manufacture of processed pork meat products approved within Modules 3 (Bacon & Gammon), Module 4 (Ham & Cooked Pork) and/or Module 5 (Pork Sausage) of the BMPA Quality Pork Charter. For clarification of raw materials please refer to the charter rules for accredited supply. 

2.1.2 To maintain traceability all pork raw material purchased by the charter participant shall be accompanied by clearly marked delivery documentation which confirms the assured status and country of birth, rearing and slaughter or statement of pigs’ origin. Where pigs are born, reared and slaughtered in one country, a single statement of origin is sufficient for the traceability declaration.


The requirements of this module apply to raw sausages, sausage meat, sausage meat-based stuffing where pork is the principal ingredient. Also, bacon used for the assembly of pigs in blankets (i.e. sausages with bacon wrapped around them usually produced seasonally for the Christmas period). Cooked sausages are not in the scope of this module.

For all assured raw material, the site shall hold copies of their supplier’s BMPA Quality Pork Charter certificates. It is not sufficient for a single header/logo to be the sole indicator of assured status on the delivery document. Where there is doubt regarding the status of the supply chain, verification shall be sought.


Copies of suppliers’ certificates of conformity against the BMPA pork and bacon module shall be held by the site and these shall be valid for the period under review. For each consignment of BQAP material delivered there shall be a warranty that clearly confirms the materials’ assured status and origin information of the pork.