Last Update: 9 Dec 2021.

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5.8 Smoking

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Bacon & Gammon / Curing

5.8.1 There shall be standard operating procedures, work instructions and records in place for the bacon smoking process that details the operation of the smoking chamber and the time, temperature, and wood types specific to each product specification. 

5.8.2 For smoked bacon, only natural wood smoke shall be used in the smoking process. Synthetic smoke mixtures and extracts of wood smoke shall not be used.

5.8.3 Care shall be taken to ensure that the bacon is uniformly smoked in compliance to the process specification (time and temperature of smoking) and quality attribute specification (colour and taste) and it is not contaminated with tar in the smoke chamber


Traditionally, smoke is produced from hard woods, normally beech, oak, applewood – scented or resinous woods like conifers are not used due to excess tarring or flavour migration.

Product may be hung on racks or hooks but shall not touch walls or other product that may impede the circulation of smoke around the chamber. Any covering used e.g. bags, netting etc. shall be suitable for intended use. The smoke chamber and racks shall be kept clean.


Review standard operating procedures. 

Copy of current wood specifications and review examples of completed processing records since the last audit. 

Visual inspection of smoke chamber. Review process specification, QAS and examples of quality control records since the last audit