Last Update: 31 Dec 2021.

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9.1 Sampling & testing plan for analytical standards

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Bacon & Gammon / Analytical Standards

9.1.1 The site shall have a sampling plan and testing regime in place for the routine monitoring of the analytical compliance of all finished products listed on the sites BMPA Quality Assured Bacon and Gammon certificate of conformity. and assessed against the requirements of this module and the product specification agreed with the customer. 

9.1.2 Bacon/gammon products shall be assessed against the analytical standards detailed below in Clauses 9.2 to 9.5.

9.1.3 Analytical testing frequency: The analytical testing of the meat, added water, salt, nitrite and nitrate content of the bacon/gammon shall be carried out at least once per month.

9.1.4 Where out of specification results occur, there shall be evidence that this is subject to investigation, trend analysis or other specific corrective actions.


Occasional out of specification analytical results is not uncommon and is not, in isolation, a non-conformance. 

Non-conformance would occur where product is repeatedly reported as out of specification or where the average of results within a stipulated period fall outside of the specification. 

Where occasional out of specification occurs, there shall be no non-conformance if there is evidence that this has been alerted, investigated, and, where deemed necessary, action taken – it is possible for this to develop into non-conformance over time if it is apparent that the corrective action has failed.


Sampling plans aligned to the scope of approved products. Examples of analytical result, trending, and out of specification investigations and action reports.