Global Quality Pork Charter Rules

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12 Appeals and complaints

Last Updated: 4 Jan 2022.

12.1 The appeals process

In the event of an appeal being made, the service provider shall have detailed procedures that shall be followed. The BMPA would expect the following within this appeals process:

12.1.1 If an applicant or Charter participant wishes to appeal against a certification decision, they shall write to the service provider within 14 days of receiving notification of the certification decision giving the reason(s) why they believe the decision is incorrect and provide any additional supporting evidence that is relevant to the appeal.

12.1.2 The service provider shall contact the applicant or Charter participant to discuss and clarify the basis of the appeal as this may resolve the matter.

12.1.3 If after discussion, the matter remains unresolved the service provider’s certification committee shall appoint an appeals panel consisting of 3 individuals who are independent, impartial and competent to set up a meeting within 30 days of appointment to consider the appeal.

12.1.4 The appeals panel decision shall be sent to the applicant or Charter participant within 30 days and the decision is final and binding on the applicant, Charter participant and/or service provider.

12.1.5 Only one appeal shall be permitted for each specific case.

12.1.6 Costs for an appeal shall be set out in the service provider’s correspondence with the applicant or Charter participant. 

12.2 Complaints

12.2.1 Where a complaint is made to the service provider, the complainant shall do so by confirming in writing the nature and circumstances relating to the complaint.

12.2.2 All complaints relating to the certification process shall be fully investigated and where upheld, appropriate action shall be taken by the service provider. 

12.2.3 The service provider shall maintain a record of all complaints made, investigations undertaken, and actions taken when complaints are upheld and report these to the BMPA Technical Policy Manager on a quarterly basis.