Module 1 Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity

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2 Abattoir management

Last Updated: 4 Jan 2022.

2.1 Maintenance of the site

The abattoir and surrounding areas shall be maintained in a manner that does not present risks to food safety, animal welfare or environmental protection.


The site, transport routes, equipment, facilities, and waste storage areas shall be well maintained and managed in a way that avoids the accumulation of rubbish and redundant equipment.


Tour and inspection of all external/internal areas.

2.2 Plan for the management of serious incidents

2.2.1 A documented plan for the effective management of serious incidents and potential emergency situations that threaten food safety, animal welfare or the environment shall be in place and known to key staff.

2.2.2 An incident log detailing the circumstances and actions taken to manage and resolve an incident shall be maintained.

2.2.3 Any issues that affect the assurance status of pigs shall be reported to the BMPA.


There should be evidence that potential risks have been taken into account and that documented action plans are in place to deal with these should they occur e.g., feed/water failure, fire, extreme weather, disease outbreak, activist activity, abattoir breakdown, waste discharge etc.


Risk assessment, emergency plan, list of key contacts, key staff awareness/training, and review of previous incident logs.