Module 3 Bacon & Gammon

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8 Quality Standards

Last Updated: 9 Dec 2021.

8.1 Quality Attribute Specification (QAS) monitoring

8.1.1 The Charter participant shall monitor the quality attributes of each product type certified by this BMPA module against a documented quality attribute specification (QAS) that has been formally agreed by the Charter participant and their customer. All products shall achieve the standards set by the BMPA BQAP module.

8.1.2 Where there is evidence of repeat attribute failure, the site shall investigate the root cause and implement corrective action to minimise/prevent the issue from re-occurring.


Reviewexamples of formally agreed QAS and that these are aligned to the approved products listed on the certificate of conformity.Review records of QAS verification checks since the last audit. 

8.2 Organoleptic testing

8.2.1 A standard operating procedure for organoleptic testing shall be in place and be conducted by a member of staff who is trained against the procedure.

8.2.2 An organoleptic sampling schedule shall be established for all categories of bacon/gammon and composite packs like “Pigs-in-Blankets” for finished products certified by the BMPA Quality Assured Pork Module.

8.2.3 Records of assessment shall be retained. Where there is evidence of attribute failure, the site shall investigate root cause and implement corrective action. 


Review of organoleptic testing procedure, sampling schedule, assessment and training records.