Module 3 Bacon & Gammon

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10 Microbiological standards

Last Updated: 31 Dec 2021.

10.1 Sampling & testing plan for microbiological standards

10.1.1 The site shall have a sampling plan and testing regime in place for the routine monitoring of the microbiological compliance of the finished products listed on the sites BMPA Quality Assured Bacon and Gammon certificate of conformity.

10.1.2 Where out of specification results occur, there shall be evidence that this is subject to investigation, trend analysis or other specific corrective actions.


Sampling plans aligned to the scope of approved products and microbiological reports since the last audit. Evidence of corrective actions taken where non-conformance has been highlighted.

10.2 Uncooked bacon/gammon

Uncooked bacon/gammon shall be tested weekly to demonstrate compliance with the following microbiological targets:

TestTarget (cfu/g) Unacceptable (cfu/g)
Total Viable Count ACC @ 30°C, 48 hours <1 x 105>1 x 106
Coliforms or Enterobacteriaceae @ 37°C, 24 hours <10>1 x 103 
Staph aureus (coag. +ve)@ 37°C, 24 hours <20>5 x 102 
Lactobacilli @ 25°C, 24 hours (optional) <1 x 103>1 x 104
Yeasts, Moulds @ 25°C, 3 – 5 days (optional) <1 x 103>1 x 105 

10.3 Cooked bacon/gammon

Cooked bacon/gammon shall be tested weekly in accordance with a documented sampling schedule to demonstrate compliance with the following microbiological targets:

SalmonellaAbsent in 25gPresent in 25g
*Listeria spp Absent in 25gPresent in 25g
Staph Aureus<20 cfu/g>100cfu/g
* Where a positive test for Listeria spp. is reported, a test for the presence and enumeration of Listeria Monocytogenes shall be undertaken to demonstrate that the count at end of life is <100cfu/g