Last Update: 21 Dec 2021.

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8.3 Rectifying non-conformances

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Non-conformances

8.3.1 The applicant or Charter participant shall be required to submit documentary evidence that the root cause for all non-conformances/observations raised has been established and that corrective action has resolved the issue within 28 days. Any observations shall also be subject to root cause analysis and closure within 28 days.

8.3.2 If the closure of non-conformances/observations is successfully demonstrated, the Charter participant shall, within 42 days, receive confirmation of continued certification. Where approval is deferred, not granted or withdrawn, the service provider shall state the reasons for this and provide details of their appeals procedure. 

New applicants wishing to be reconsidered for approval after an initial failed audit shall be required to make a new application.

8.3.3 If any non-conformances/observation are not rectified within the permitted time-scale the Charter participant shall receive a final reminder from the service provider. If following receipt of the final reminder, non-conformances are still not rectified the Charter participant shall be suspended.

8.3.4 Subject to the degree of non-conformity, the service provider may decide that a re-audit is necessary to verify that closure of a critical or major non-conformance has been effective. If a re-audit is necessary, an additional audit fee shall be incurred at cost to the Charter participant.