Last Update: 10 Jan 2022.

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6.1 Product specifications

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Quality Assured Pork / Finished product standards

All BQAP carcases, primals and cuts shall achieve the standards set by the BMPA Quality Assured Pork module as well as the following quality attributes:

6.1.1 The fat shall be firm and white.

6.1.2 The muscle shall be firm and of good colour without evidence of being pale, soft, exudative (PSE) or dark, firm, dry (DFD).

6.1.3 The muscle and fat shall show no sign of excessive bruising or blood splash.

6.1.4 Product shall be clean and free from extraneous matter.

6.1.5 Joints shall be separated by clean cuts and free from unnecessary cuts, slash marks and free from loose pieces of meat and exposed glands.

6.1.6 Rind-on cuts shall be free from hair, cuts and loose skin.

6.1.7 A maximum rind side blemish score of 2 on the Agricultural and Horticultural Dairy Board (AHDB) 5-point scale is permitted (see appendix 1). Carcases that do not meet this standard may be classified as BQAP if they conform in all other respects with the product specification and that they are further processed for rindless products only. View AHDB Blemish Scale

6.1.8 Rind-on cuts shall be sourced from carcasses of P2 maximum 16mm or P1+P2 maximum 32mm.

6.1.9 Where carcases are scanned, a measured lean percentage of 52% shall be treated as equivalent to this grade (see clause 6.1.8).Carcasses or primals in excess of this grade may be utilised providing fat is trimmed to meet the above specification.


Visual inspection of product.