Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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9.1 Product specifications

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Finished product specifications & quality standards

9.1.1 The following general standards shall apply to all BMPA Quality Assured Ham and Cooked Pork products:

  • The surface of the product shall be clean and free from extraneous matter including tar.
  • Rind, if present shall be free hair, stubble and bruising.
  • The fat shall be firm and white and no evidence of bruising, separation, softness, or discolouration.
  • The lean shall be free of bruising and bone fragments with minimal blood spots. 
  • The flavour of the product shall be free from off flavours.
  • The texture of the product shall be firm but not tough and not give any evidence of excessive moisture in the tissues. 
  • The product shall be free as reasonably possible of gristle and tough connective tissue.
  • For bone-in product, all bone shall be splinter free. 
  • All garnishes and glazes including added strips of fat and rind shall adhere to the surface of the product.
  • The amount of internal fat shall be specified within the QAS and not exceed 20mm in diameter.
  • Holes are usually a natural part of the process however, tolerances for these cavities shall be documented in relevant process documentation.

9.1.2 Permitted subcutaneous fat levels (with or without rind) for BMPA Quality Assured Ham are:

Category Sub-fat (max)Sub-fat & Rind (max)
 15mm 22mm
 10mm 15mm
 10mm 17mm
 10mm 17mm

Category 4 ham may contain visible fat particles but not exceeding 5mm in diameter. The analytical fat content shall not exceed 7.5%.

9.1.3 Permitted subcutaneous fat levels (with or without rind) for BMPA Quality Assured Pork are:

Category Sub-fat (max)Sub-fat & Rind (max)
 10mm 17mm
 10mm 17mm


Visual inspection of product and align to QAS. Examples of analysis reports since the last audit.