Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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2.4 Product sampling and testing

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Participation in the BMPA Quality Pork Charter

The BMPA in collaboration with AHDB Pork shall use stable isotope reference analysis (SIRA) testing to periodically verify if the pork used in the Quality Pork Charter is British.

Non-eligible material shall be defined as:

2.4.1 Pork raw material from pigs that have not met the requirements of the BMPA Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity module (i.e. pigs that are not born and reared for their lifetime on an assured farm that is certified by Red Tractor, Quality Meat Scotland Pigs or an equivalent farm assurance scheme recognised by the BMPA) 

2.4.2 Boars which have a slaughter dead weight of more than 110kg.

2.4.3 Sows may only be used for the manufacture of comminute meat preparations approved by the BMPA Quality Pork Charter, providing that the pork complies with all aspects of the BQAP product quality standards with the exception of the P2 measurement. 

Sow raw material shall not be used for BQAP unless it is intended for the manufacture of processed pork meat products approved within Modules 3 (Bacon & Gammon), Module 4 (Ham & Cooked Pork) and/or Module 5 (Pork Sausage) of the BMPA Quality Pork Charter. For clarification of raw materials please refer to the Charter rules for accredited supply.

Any other use is not permitted within the BMPA Quality Pork Charter.

2.4.4 Pork raw material processed under the Red Tractor or Quality Meat Scotland pork schemes can be used