Last Update: 10 Dec 2021.

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1.7 Primal cuts of bacon: Gammon

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Bacon & Gammon / Production Specification Guidance

1.7.1 The product shall comply with the following specification:

  • Visual lean at cut face minimum 75% VL

1.7.2 For gammon joints, steaks and rashers, products derived from boneless gammons in their natural shape or from gammons or gammon meat which has been formed by pressing into moulds or casings and possibly heat-set shall comply with the following specification:

  • The product shall have retained its integral muscle structure.
  • Joints (excluding hock) Minimum 85% VL
  • Steaks Minimum 85% VL
  • Rashers Minimum 85% VL

The product may have been encased in an added covering of rind and/or back fat.


Visual inspection of product.