Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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7.8 Post-cook handling

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Heating and cooking

7.8.1 The site shall have detailed standard operating procedures, work instructions and process records in place to ensure product safety and quality is not compromised during post cook handling.

7.8.2 Product shall be chilled between 0°C to +5°C and stored at this temperature.

7.8.3 Subsequent processing operations shall be performed with no detriment to the product

7.8.4 Product containing exposed bone shall be adequately protected to ensure pack integrity

7.8.5 All finished chilled product shall be held at a temperature no higher than +5°C, before despatch.


To avoid any potential rise in the product temperature during handling, the volume of product being processed at any one time shall be closely aligned to the number of production staff and production plans. The temperature of the environment and product shall be monitored throughout the process. 


Product temperature records that cover the period since the last audit. Visual inspection of product to verify butchery operations. Visual inspection of finished product containing exposed bone. Examples of temperature control records (air and product) since the last audit.