Last Update: 17 Nov 2022.

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6.3 Organoleptic testing

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Quality Assured Pork / Finished product standards

6.3.1 A standard operating procedure for organoleptic testing shall be in place and be conducted by a member of staff who is trained against the procedure.

6.3.2 An organoleptic sampling schedule shall be established for finished products certified by the BMPA Quality Assured Pork module at an appropriate frequency and as a minimum once per week to demonstrate compliance against the documented QAS. The product assessment shall include tenderness, succulence, flavour and visual appearance. This only applies to consumer packed products that do not requiring any further processing. This does NOT apply to primal products that will be further processed by slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing etc.

6.3.3 Records of assessment shall be retained. Where there is evidence of attribute failure, the site shall investigate root cause and implement corrective action. 


Review of organoleptic testing procedure, sampling schedule, assessment and training records.