Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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3.3 Notifying of incidents and breaches

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Obligations of Charter participants


3.3.1 The Charter participants shall notify the BMPA and Red Tractor immediately without delay if they are subject to a prosecution, any other incident that may have a bearing on pig welfare, biosecurity, traceability and the overall integrity of the Charter or any public recall of product approved under the Quality Pork Charter.


3.3.2 The Charter participant shall obtain the consent of the service provider to use certification against the BMPA Quality Pork Charter as part of their due diligence defence. Prior to giving this consent the service provider shall consult with the BMPA who reserve the right to request an additional site audit to be undertaken by the service provider, at cost to the Charter participant, to confirm continued conformance to the BMPA Quality Pork Charter rules and pork module requirements. 


3.3.3 Any Charter participant classified in the ‘urgent improvement necessary’ category of the Food Standards Agency audit system shall notify the BMPA Technical Policy Manager to explain the circumstances and whether this has an implication on the Quality Pork Charter. If the compliance rating is categorised as being a serious risk, the BMPA may require an additional announced or unannounced surveillance audit at cost to the Charter participant, to be carried out.