Last Update: 17 Jul 2023.

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9.3 Nitrates and nitrites content & nitrite replacements

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Bacon & Gammon / Analytical Standards

Nitrates and nitrites content shall be compliant with the requirements of The Miscellaneous Food Additive Regulations 1995 (NOTE: maximum amounts are stipulated as either “that added during manufacture” or the “residual amount in product” – the application of these requirements is specified on a product by product basis and takes into account product type and process) 

The standard allows the use of nitrite replacements, however this does not apply to the use in Wiltshire Cured products. You are required by legislation to ensure that the replacement that you choose to use performs in much the same way e.g. colour, taste/flavour, texture, and a level of food safety that you normally get when using nitrite. It is your responsibility to ensure that any food when placed on the market is safe.