Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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1.1 Minimum standards for all products

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Bacon & Gammon / Production Specification Guidance

The following minimum standards shall apply to all BMPA Quality Assured Bacon and Gammon products: 

  • The surface of the product shall be clean and free from extraneous matter including tar.
  • Rind, where present, shall be clean, free of bruises, hair and stubble.
  • The lean shall be of a good colour, free of bruising, mis-cure, bone fragments, and excessive levels of blood spots.
  • The fat shall be firm and white and no evidence of bruising, separation, softness or discolouration.
  • The product shall show no signs of spoilage e.g. odour, colour or taste
  • The product shall be virtually free of jelly pockets, excessive moisture and separation of lean and fatty tissues.
  • Where rind or rind plus back fat have been added to the product, this shall adhere securely to the meat.
  • Bacon shall be free of bone splinters, bone-dust and loose debris.
  • In moulded products, the lean meat shall retain its intrinsic muscle structure.


The mis-curing of product can adversely affect the appearance of product. This may be caused by poor distribution of cure, insufficient curing time, or by blocked injection needles that can cause a problem referred to as “tiger stripping” where the needle pattern is clearly visible in the lean muscle of the product being produced”.

Refer to the BMPA/PTF Bacon Code of Practice for further information and guidance.


Visual inspection of product.