Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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11.2 Microbiological testing for whole units

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Microbiological standards

Product shall be tested weekly to demonstrate compliance with the following start of life microbiological targets:

TestTargetNot acceptable
ACC @ 30°C  <1 x 103>1 x 104
Enterobacteriaceae @(37°C) 24 hrs <10>100
Staph Aureus (coag.+ve)@ 37°C 48 hours<20> 102
Salmonella (in 25gsample)  AbsentPresent
Listeria spp and L. monocytogenes     Absent in 25g sample>100 cfu/g at any time during shelf life
Note: Where a positive test for Listeria spp. test is obtained, a test for the presence and enumeration of Listeria Monocytogenes shall be undertaken to demonstrate that the count at end of life is <100cfu/g