Last Update: 4 Jan 2022.

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6.4 Microbiological standards

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Quality Assured Pork / Finished product standards

6.4.1 The site shall have sampling plans in place for the routine monitoring of finished product. The scope of the sampling plan shall cover those approved products listed on the certificate of conformity. 

6.4.2 Finished products shall be tested weekly in accordance with a documented sampling schedule to demonstrate compliance with the following microbiological targets:

TargetUpper Limit 
ACC <1 x 104 cfu/g1 x 106 cfu/g

6.4.3 Where on-going non-conformance trends are established there shall be evidence that this is subject to root cause investigation and corrective action.


Review sampling schedule aligned to the scope of approved products and microbiological reports since the last audit. Evidence of corrective actions taken where non-conformance has been highlighted.