Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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3.3 Length of storage and shelf life (frozen)

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Temperature control and storage

3.3.1 Pork raw material shall be labelled with a date of kill and it shall not exceed kill+4 days at the point of freezing, unless the requirements of 4.2(c) have been met.

3.3.2 The pork material shall be in good condition at the time of freezing and shall be effectively packaged to prevent contamination and degradation of quality.

3.3.3 Frozen pork shall be labelled with the date of going into the freezer and a durability date that does not exceed 12 months.

3.3.4 Where frozen product is to be defrosted (tempered), the surface temperature shall not exceed +7C and it shall be carried out to a documented and validated procedure in line with the charter participants processing specification

3.3.5 Stock control and defrost records shall be maintained. 


Review examples of stock control and defrost records since the last audit. Visual inspection of storage area to include product labelling and date coding. Review the documented procedure for the defrosting of frozen product process aligned to the charter participants processing specification. Review of records to ensure the sensory and microbiological of extended shelf life products.