Last Update: 31 Dec 2021.

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11.8 Labelling for reception, storage & despatch

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Bacon & Gammon / Cold store and vehicle operating procedures

Each batch of pork to be used as a raw material for the manufacture of any BMPA Quality Assured Bacon and Gammon products shall be marked or labelled with the following as a minimum requirement on reception, storage and despatch:

  • Site identification code (health mark) – Charter participant’s site licence number
  • Product description – e.g. rindless bellies
  • Weight – The number of units may also be indicated
  • Traceability batch code – In most cases the traceability batch code is the kill date however, where a production date is used, the information shall be able to trace the product backwards to a kill date. Slaughter code may be in ‘Julian’ calendar format or the actual kill date may be shown.
  • Confirmation of assured status – The lettering BQAP may be used to confirm the products’ assured status to relate to the product within the container/box. Non-eligible material shall not be packed within the same dolav, container or box 
  • Country of birth, rearing and slaughter or statement of pigs’ origin – Where pigs are born, reared and slaughtered in one country, a single statement of origin is sufficient for the traceability declaration.
  • Date of freezing on all frozen raw material
  • Process-by or use by date – FSA guidance on Use By/Best Before codes


The labelling requirement covers pork raw material and bacon. Whether the product is being transported in dolav, rigid container or as boxed, the labelling information shallremain attached to the unit.


Verification of labelling or markings.