Last Update: 6 Jan 2022.

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1.2 Incorporating pigs in blankets into Module 2 BQAP

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Quality Assured Pork Sausages / Pigs in blankets

Referring to clause 1.2 in Module 2 BMPA Quality Assured Pork: Where a site is only assembling component packs e.g. pigs in blankets, and is not the manufacturer of the bacon or the pork sausage the following requirements shall be met: 

  • The site shall be certified against the BRC GFS (minimum Grade B) the scope of which shall include the assembly of pigs in blankets. 
  • The site shall be certified and approved against BMPA Quality Pork Charter Module 2 (BQAP).
  • The site shall be compliant with the BMPA Quality Pork Charter Rules. 
  • The component products shall be sourced from current participants of the relevant BMPA Quality Pork Charter module i.e. Module 3 for bacon and Module 5 for pork sausage.
  • The component products shall be listed on the supplying sites BMPA certificate of approved products.
  • For sites displaying the Red Tractor logo on finished products both the component packing site and the sites where the pork sausage and bacon have been produced must be licensed by Red Tractor.


There is no need for the site to be separately certified against either Module 3 (bacon) or Module 5 (pork sausage). If the site is a cutting plant with no other retail activity then charter audits shall include a review of compliance against the raw material receipt, storage, packing and finished product dispatch sections of either Module 3 or Module 5.

If the site is carrying out an additional process specific to the preparation for the assembly of pigs in blankets e.g. the slicing of bacon or the linking/cutting of pork sausage, this shall not trigger a requirement for the site to be approved against Module 3 or 5 but shall require the specific requirements of the Module 3 or 5 clause relevant to the additional process being undertaken to be assessed during charter audits with NC appropriately cross-referenced.