Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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7.1 Handling of product prior to cooking

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Heating and cooking

7.1.1 There shall be standard operating procedures, work instructions and process records in place for the handling of product prior to cooking.

7.1.2 Product not cooked immediately shall be held in chilled storage at -2°C to +2 °C or deep chilled. 

7.1.3 Where precooked storage is carried out, the process shall be subjected to shelf-life verification under worst case conditions that includes sensory evaluation and microbiological quality of the finished product.

7.1.4 Product to be deep chilled shall be suitably packaged, date marked, and carry sufficient information to allow traceability. 


The storage facilities shall be capable of maintaining the temperature within specification. Monitoring of temperatures shall be undertaken and details recorded.

The packaging shall be appropriate for its intended purpose.


Examples of temperature monitoring records. Validation of shelf-life data where product is stored precooked or deep chill.

Visual inspection to verify the integrity of the packaging, date coding and traceability information on the product.