Last Update: 6 Jan 2022.

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4.4 Filling procedures

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Quality Assured Pork Sausages / Processing standards

4.4.1 Filling procedures shall ensure that the required quantity and quality criteria specified in the processing method and quality attribute sheet are achieved.

4.4.2 When filling, either natural, collagen, or alginate casings may be used but the type shall be clearly specified within the manufacturing specification or processing recipe.

4.4.3 All casings shall be used within their durability date and traceable back to the originating batch/lot number.

4.4.4 Where natural casings are used there shall be a documented standard operating procedure in place for salt/brine removal prior to use.

4.4.5 Where natural casings are used, the species of casing used shall be declared on the final product.


The production of skinless sausage is permitted within the module. Where natural casings are used there is no requirement for the casing to be assured and may be of non-UK origin e.g. sheep casings from New Zealand. Irrespective of the type of casing used. 


Traceability records for casings used and check label for casing declaration.