Last Update: 17 Jul 2023.

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7.2 Dealing with pigs not eligible for the Pork Charter

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Carcase dressing

7.2.1 The site shall have standard operating procedures (SOP`s) in place for the identification, segregation, handling and forward traceability of pigs that are not eligible for the BMPA Quality Pork Charter.

7.2.2 There is NO maximum dead weight for boar carcasses. The processor will agree the dead weights they require to meet their customer requirements/specifications.

7.2.3 The charter participant shall record the P2 measurement of the carcase and make the information available to the further processor. 


The site shall demonstrate that pigs, which have been excluded from the charter, have not been despatched or further processed on site as BQAP. 


Review traceability systems, procedures, training and P2 measurement records since the last audit.