Last Update: 9 Dec 2021.

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5.5 Curing procedures: Dry cured bacon

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Bacon & Gammon / Curing

5.5.1 There shall be standard operating procedures and work instructions in place for the operation and management of the dry curing process.

5.5.2 Curing shall, by definition, be carried out using only dry ingredients – the use of brines or other wet ingredients is not permitted.

5.5.3 Curing gains shall be monitored, recorded and checked against specified “pick-up” targets for each batch of pork being processed by weight checks measured pre and post cure on a specified number of products.

5.5.4 Where bacon is also air dried, there shall be evidence of net weight loss in compliance to specified tolerances.


Documented procedure, work instructions, recipes, specifications and process records for the operation and management of the dry curing process. 

Review curing gain records and ‘pick up’ target records.

Where bacon has been air dried review records of net weight loss aligned to specified tolerances.

Visual inspection of product to verify adherence to specification.