Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.

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7.6 Cooling of cooked product

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Ham & Cooked Pork / Heating and cooking

7.6.1 Detailed standard operating procedures, work instructions and process records shall be maintained and documented for the cooling process. The procedures shall detail the time/temperature requirements and cross reference to the sites HACCP plan.

7.6.2 Cooked product shall be cooled rapidly after cooking to ensure that the safety of the product is not compromised. If the product is more than 5kg, it shall achieve a core temperature of +5°C or lower in accordance with Campden BRI Guidelines (Review 8) on ‘Identification and Prevention of Hazards associated with Slow Cooling of Hams and Other Large Cooked Meats and Meat Products’. If the product is less than 5kg, 4 hours shall be the maximum time permitted to reach less than +5°C.

7.6.3 Product which has been cooked without cover shall be cooled in chilled air.

7.6.4 Product cooked in sealed containers/ casings/ bags may be cooled in chilled air or by a combination of cold water spraying followed by chilled air or brine and may be held in these containers until required for further processing or packing.


Documented procedures shall be in place to ensure product safety is not compromised and be supported by evidence of temperature monitoring and recording.


Review procedures, work instructions and cooling process records.