Last Update: 21 Dec 2021.

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6.2 Conditions for granting a derogation

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Derogations

For existing Charter participants to operate from new premises and manufacture BMPA Quality Pork Charter products approved at a different site, prior to the new site’s BRC approval (usually a new site needs to have been in production for three months before it can be audited against the BRC GFS). The BMPA shall require the following conditions to be met by the Charter participant for a derogation to be granted:

  • A request shall be made to the BMPA for a derogation for the new premises and the reasons for this
  • The Charter participant shall have a long-standing record of compliance against the BRC GFS and the relevant BMPA pork module
  • There shall be evidence that the site has been approved by the relevant licensing authority
  • An application form shall be completed and sent to the BMPA for the new site with details of the pork module(s) it intends to manufacture
  • A written assurance shall be sent to the BMPA Technical Policy Manager stating that all relevant technical policies, procedures and other systems of operation, including staff training, have been transferred to and operate at the new site
  • A written commitment shall be given to the service provider(s) to undertake a BMPA pork module approval audit within 4 weeks of the site opening and a BRC GFS audit within 3-4 months of the site being operational
  • The BMPA pork module audit shall incorporate a review of the sites HACCP plan to verify that the food production system is safe

If a critical or major non-conformance is raised against either BRC GFS or the requirements of the BMPA pork module(s) at the time of this audit, then the derogation shall be withdrawn, and the new site shall register as a new applicant in line with the BMPA Quality Pork Charter rules and procedures. Under such circumstances assured product cannot be manufactured until the site has successfully been approved against the requirements of the relevant BMPA pork module.