Last Update: 7 Jan 2022.

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1.1 Compliance with the Quality Pork Charter rules

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Quality Assured Pork / General charter rules

The charter participant shall be compliant with the requirements of the BMPA Quality Pork Charter rules. The BMPA Quality Pork Charter underpins the Red Tractor Assurance or the Quality Meat Scotland standards for pork and pork meat products, therefore as pork is used as the raw material for all products produced in the whole charter it is a requirement to hold certification for module 2 – BMPA Quality Assured Pork and the products you produce are made with pork that is BQAP. Red Tractor Assurance are the license holders of the RTA logo


The charter participant shall be aware that where specific charter rules have been highlighted that these are auditable points within the scope of this pork module against which compliance shall be assessed by the service provider.


Compliance with the specific auditable points of the BMPA Quality Pork Charter rules.