Last Update: 4 Jan 2022.

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5.3 CCTV

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Pig Welfare, Slaughter and Biosecurity / Pig welfare

5.3.1 The charter participant shall have a functional and secure closed-circuit television (CCTV) system which provides clear visibility of all aspects of the process that could, if not adequately controlled, adversely impact animal welfare. 

5.3.2 CCTV shall be recorded always where animals are undergoing the following processes:

  • Unloading from vehicles in the lairage 
  • Lairaging (including the movement of animals out of the lairage towards the stun point)
  • Entering a controlled atmosphere system (where applicable)
  • Stunning (including animals approaching the stun area)
  • Shackling (including the shackling of animals following gas killing)
  • Sticking

5.3.3 Documented weekly checks of the footage shall be made by the AWO or competent deputy to ensure that the CCTV system is working and that it is being reviewed to ensure that staff are adhering to the SOPs as described in clause 4.1.

5.3.4 The site shall allow the OV access to CCTV footage

5.3.5 CCTV footage shall be securely stored for a minimum of three months and only accessible to nominated staff. 

5.3.6 Evidence of actions taken when incidents occur


Visibility of location of CCTV from unloading from vehicles to sticking. Verification of CCTV operating at time of auditDocumented checks and CCTV footage shall be available to the service provider if required at time of audit. Verification of storage period of CCTV footage.