Last Update: 9 Dec 2021.

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4.4 Butchery standards for boneless fore-ends

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Bacon & Gammon / Preparation of pork for curing

4.4.1 Ribs and associated cartilage shall be removed cleanly.

4.4.2 The knuckle joint may be removed by a clean cut at the joint between the humerus and radius/ulna bones.

4.4.3 The blade-bone (scapula) shall be removed with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and the humerus tunnel-boned.

4.4.4 Neck bones shall be removed cleanly.

4.4.5 Rind and surface fat shall be removed with minimal damage to underlying tissues.

4.4.6 The boneless fore shall be trimmed to remove loose tissue and surface glands.

4.4.7 Where still present, the neck shall be removed.


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