Last Update: 21 Dec 2021.

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7.4 Auditing external cold stores

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Quality Pork Charter Rules / Surveillance audits and spot checks

7.4.1 Where an external cold store is used as part of a ‘process step’ e.g. freezing and/or tempering and where the original batch has been broken down and/or packaging removed, there shall be an announced audit undertaken by the BMPA service provider. The announced audit shall be arranged in conjunction with the Charter participant and a representative of the Charter participant’s site shallbe in attendance. Where possible, the external cold store audits shall be arranged following the Charter participant’s announced surveillance audit.


7.4.2 Where the use of a cold store is solely for the chilled or frozen storage of assured pork raw material, work in progress (WIP) or finished product during which time the original batch details remains intact, there shall be no additional audit undertaken by a BMPA service provider. However, the Charter participant shall include the cold store in their supplier approval system, which shall form part of their quality management system aligned to the BRC GFS evaluation.